Cornelia (70). Her husband is paralyzed and her two older children are mentally handicapped.

So far away where you are you don’t forget about us here. It is hard to believe that they still exist people with big hearts, for the ones that need help. I will pray to Good God to give you health, luck, happiness and all the best. My retirement for one month is 100,000 lei [US$1 = 25,000 lei]. A cart of wood that last less than one month is 500,000 lei. But I don’t lose hope in the merciful God that will help me survive the winter.

God help you, with thousands of thanks.

…We want to thank you for your
help, and may the merciful God
reward you hundred times more. He
is our only hope and support.

When I put my feet on the shoes that you sent me or the clothes that you sent me, I cry of happiness. Sometimes at my old age, I wake up at night and then I pray for your health and all the kind people, and I keep thinking that I never heard about something like this in my whole life, some people that don’t even know me at the other end of this big world to care about me and help me so much.

I can’t find the words to thank you and the kind people that are helping us without even knowing us. May God give you and them double and triple the joy that you gave us.

I have no imagination how to thank you for the joy you made us. When I received the money I couldn’t thank him [Arcadie Frunza, IDEA volunteer] enough because I was so amazed of the big amount of money he gave me for wood in winter and food. I couldn’t talk and then he left before I could get my voice back.

I thank the people with such good hearts, who don’t think of just their own welfare but think to bring joy to others, even if they don’t know them

Writing you is the only way I could reciprocate to thank you