When IDEA funds are distributed to those in need, the Foundation receives a photo and personal information about each recipient.

Elisaveta of Breaza in northern Romania is 92 years old. Her husband died 56 years ago. She receives a small ($40/mo) amount of social aid from the local government but has no other source of income. Age, high blood pressure, and arthritis prevent her from doing much work.

She will use IDEA funds for medicine and firewood.

Anastasia, 87, has received assistance from IDEA twice. Her health has worsened in recent years and she is bedridden by paralysis. A neighbor comes daily to feed her. She will use

IDEA funds for medicine and personal items.

Rodica is 72 and suffers from a congenital heart problem. She has been a widow since 1976.

Rodica receives no financial assistance from the government and survives on what she grows in her small garden. She used IDEA funds for medicine and food.

Elisaveta lost her left arm in an accident at the age of 49. Now 73 she looks after one of her three children who is very ill. She receives $35 per month from the government.

With the IDEA funds she plans to buy medicine and have a small sleeping room repaired so her son will be more comfortable.

Widowed at the age of 46, Elisa is now 90 and lives all alone. She raised 8 children but they are scattered far and wide and provide no assistance. She says she no longer has the energy to do the things she could do just a few years ago. She will use the money from IDEA to buy food and “perhaps a dress.”

Maria looks after her 77 year old husband who is in very bad health and is totally deaf.

Maria, 79, suffers from severe circulatory problems in her legs and can walk only with the aid of crutches. She will use the IDEA funds to buy food.

Aurelia lives alone on a small piece of land which she is unable to work.

She is 75 and has been a widow for 12 years. She suffers from breast cancer and will use the IDEA funds for medical tests and firewood for the winter.

Maria, 88, survives on a very small monthly pension. She received money for food and medicine.

Maria Diac, 89, lives alone and relies totally on the kindness of neighbors. She used the money she received for food and firewood.